This is tantrum's homepage. tantrum is a server run by deice as a hobby. if you'd like, check phpsysinfo for server statistics.
Netcraft Uptime History shows a 3rd party logged statistic of uptime on tantrum.


2013/09/14 No news is good news
Haven't posted any updates, since the server has been very low maintenance.
Server has gone through several hardware changes, hosting location changed too. Connection upgraded to 100/10 fiber. Everything running on RAID-1.

Life is good!
2006/03/23 Upgrades completed
I think I've got most of the glitches introduced with the new hardware change nailed down.
The transition was pretty painless considering most of the server's hardware changed. My precompiled new kernel booted almost "off the box", I just needed to tell it where to find the root partition since my PCI IDE Controller had switched places with the motherboard internal one in device numbering.

Next up: Securing my WLAN with VPN since I got a new and pretty SMC 7904WBRA ADSL/WLAN router. I've settled on using OpenVPN because it seems quite finalized (and secure). Others I considered were CIPE, Ipsec+L2TP tunneling (using internal windows vpn client) and simple PPP tunneled over a SSH pipe. Ipsec implementations are to bugridden, CIPE just didn't feel very final and ppp-over-ssh just plain old sucks.
2006/03/17 Major webserving upgrades
Upgraded the system to run Apache 2 so suffered some www-downtime. Also changed the mainpage to validate as HTML 4.01 strict as well as upgraded the layout to something a bit more decent.

Some major downtime is imminent since I will finally be trashing my internal, badly-supported Telewell TW-IA300C ADSL modem for an external box. This will take some time during the weekend, but should result in better stability since i'll finally get rid of my selfpatched kernel module for the adsl card.
2005/01/27 RAID
moved the system over to RAID-1 disk mirror, so i don't have to eat my fingernails daily in fear of the disks crashlanding.

[misc links]

Simple JavaScript 3D engine
- a word of warning: It's pretty CPU intensive because JavaScript used to have no pixel drawing routines so it simulates pixel's with a graphics library that draws pixel sized DIVs. (eyeball estimate: almost 50% CPU on Athlon64 3700+). Its not too much for a modern machine, but I should probably upgrade this to HTML5 techniques someday, which would be far lighter.

php linker

takes http address as argument and gives a link to it, excellent so you can click "save target as.." from right mouse button menu :P

For those dark mornings when your heads pounding and you can't bear the sunlight: kkkrapula


Miscellaneous quotes I've found interesting:

"Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam. - I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head." -deice


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